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The Craft Show Circuit – Selling Your Work

The holiday season is fast approaching, and many artists and artisans will be looking for ways to sell their work.  I’ve participated in many different types of craft shows over the years, with many different price points and types of work available.

Craft shows that have been around a while seem to gain a following – one of the best shows I participate in is a high school craft show in its 26th year.  The PTA and all of the students participate, and word of mouth for this show draws a huge crowd.  I’ve also participated in shows that are new and haven’t been advertised well, with the resulting crickets.

Make sure you have several different price points available.  I find that $20 is a comfortable price point for most people.  Also, don’t underprice your work.  Your time is valuable, and giving yourself a $3 hourly wage doesn’t benefit anyone.  

Items that people can use or wear seem to do well.  If people can justify the purchase by knowing that the item will be used, the item will be more likely to sell.

Items with meaning seem to do well.  Products with symbols of the local city or state, birth or anniversary years, or meaningful sayings do great.

Art, unless the fair is specifically an art fair with wealthy clientele, doesn’t always do well.  It is a hard purchase to justify on the spot, and usually more expensive than most people are willing to spend at a craft show.  If the show I’m doing is just a local craft show, I’ll leave the art home or just bring a few small pieces.


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