The Strange Sea Chronicles

22 - Go Big or Go Home
"Let's be honest with each other..."
21 - Ties
Zoe's Garb Crisis has historical ramifications...
20 - All In Your Head
"I hate when this happens."
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Welcome to the Barony of Strange Sea, a local group in a fictional reenactment community. New strips will be posted on a semi-occasional basis, when my Muse and my schedule manage to play nicely together.

Caveats and Stipulations:

This is my own work and is intended as humor (mostly). This is not an official document, publication or pronouncement from any organization. Strange Sea is not your barony. That character is not you. Any resemblance between characters and groups depicted here and any others, living, dead, undead or notional, is purely coincidental.

Yours, Samuel Pearce – creator